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I AM PROUD OF WHAT I ACCOMPLISHED IN 2014 Today December 8, 2014 was the second day in 2014 that I didn’t have a rescue dog to lose sleep over or to become anxious about or to have to console. What a great feeling!

It is far more difficult than one may think to run a rescue. If you are like me, you worry about everything far more than may be necessary but in a positive way. I am dealing with animals that are getting a second chance at life. I am doing what I can to find them the best placement possible while being compassionate to their need to get out of my kennel and into a home as quickly as possible.

I think that I was born under a lucky star. After my successful career in business I was able to use those resources that I had, to secure a tremendous life for myself and my family and also to pass that luck and good fortune forward. I feel that the job I do saving GSD’s is somewhat of a calling. I know that by having my Foundation serve to perpetuate that going forward, that my mark will live on long after i am gone. I get this feeling of being lucky reinforced almost daily because somehow, someway, the right adopter seems to come to me for each and every dog I have placed. People looking for just the right dog seem to come out of the woodwork looking for exactly the dog I have. As luck and what ever else is at play would have it, every dog that comes through my home and rescue gets placed… and not just in a home but the right home.

I want to thank everyone that has adopted from me, all 522 of them in the past 7 years and 2 months, and say that there is no better feeling for me than to have them leave here and go to their new families who will love them unconditionally for their life time. I am excited to move into 2015. In a few short weeks our kennel in N Ft Myers will be finished and we will have a much more formal rescue environment for our dogs. I look forward to the challenges ahead for me and for my foundation.

By the way we are almost finished with our new kennel which will house the dogs we take in going forward. We have built this beautiful place on the grounds owned by Southwest Florida K9 Services and we will basically share the building. The kennel will also be available for overnight and short stays on a per diem basis. Please don't forget that after 1/1/15 our rates will go up to $225 for each rescue dog plus $165 training fee if you live in Charlotte, Lee or Collier Counties.

As a re-cap, this year The Hoffer Family Foundation donated over $29,000 to the AWL from rescue dog revenue. We took in $0 for ourselves. We donated over $3500 to the Back Pack Kids. $12,000 to Harry Chapin Food Bank and $25,000 to the Golasino Children’s hospital, just to mention a few of the bigger ones we support. It makes me really proud to give back to those in need in our community, both human and canine and to support our rescue of German Shepherds throughout Southwest Florida. I hope we have a chance to do the same thing once again in 2015.