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update: We met a family at PetsMart who will be seeing her tomorrow Sat and may adopt her. Sadie came into our rescue last night which is why the 'sunset' pictures of her are in the album. She was turned in because her owners were not able to manage her protective instinct. Here's the story. Sadie needs a firm leader, which she had in her former dad. He was able to walk her, take her to the dog park and in general command her respect which made Sadie the perfect dog. Her former mom, not so much. She was never the leader and Sadie felt she needed to protect her and was aggressive with other dogs when they approached mom for any reason. She would feel she had to spring into action to protect the weaker person and because of that lack of respect, trust and dominance she because a difficult dog to have in the neighborhood.
We evaluated Sadie briefly last night and place her with another dog and saw no reaction at all. She was not in the presence of mom and hence saw no reason to be reactive. Overall she is a trained, housebroken sweet 3 year old female GSD. She is black and tan and weighs about 75 pounds. She is in excellent health and is playful, obedient and strong. She would need to go to a person with a demonstrative assertive demeanor who would become her alpha and thereby stabilize her. She is not for the weak owner type and she is not a dog that can be changed because she is otherwise perfect in offering protection to the weak in the pack. She seems OK with other dogs but here again we suggest she is in a single dog household because she does seem to get jealous and reactive with other dogs when she wants attention. She is chipped and has all shots. She was heart worm positive 2 years ago and has long since been cured. She is negative now for heartworms and any other health issues. Sadie is being housed in our N Ft Myers kennel and can be seen by appointment at most any mutually agreeable time. If Sadie looks like a dog you can love and handle call me at 941 575 0243.