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WE HAD A NET PHOTO GLITCH AND WE LOST OUR RESCUE DOG ALBUM We somehow lost our rescue dog photo album pictures and I plan on replacing them in the coming week or so. Fear Not I have all of the photos backed up so all I have to do is spend 20 hours at the stinking computer terminal to put them back in. Big time waste.

DON'T FORGET WE ARE AT PETSMART FRI SAT AND SUNDAY 11/14 11/15 AND 11/16 WITH ALL OF THE DOGS WE HAVE IN RESCUE. AD OF THIS DATE WE HAVE 5. If you want a dog from us, please plan on coming to see them. If you bring the entire family we can do an interview there, time permitting and possible have you adopt directly from the event. If you do come plan on bringing your dog, if you have one for a meet and greet session, your vets name and number (if your have one) and your checkbook

See you there!!