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UPDATE: WE HAVE A FAMILY COMING TO SEE HER ON FRIDAY... WHOOPIE Eska is a 3 year old sweet female black and tan GSD. She weighs about 75#'s and is heart worm free. She has all shots and she is spade. She is being re-homed because she has a dominance issue with small dogs in their home. We understand that she did bite a member of her pack of 3 dogs (small one) a lab mix and her. She does like cats. We feel this bite was a dominance issue and one that can be corrected with training. She is currently at Disciple Dog in Cape Coral for 2 weeks of doggy boot camp in the hopes we can re-hab her to the point where adoption would be an easier task then where she is currently. She will not be available, if at all, until Nov 1, 2014. She has had NO training and the owners are putting her into a 2 week course to try and stabilize her so that she would be prepared for adoption. She does have some leash walking issues which here again are a simple matter of training and the right equipment. We see nothing in the dog that would indicate that she isn't a great girl and just needs some schooling to be perfect. Because anyone getting a dog from us must enter into our training programs, we feel these behaviors can be fixed in a few months time with constant reinforcing of the correct responses to stimulus like new dogs, new situations and being commanded by an alpha leader. With the proper owner, we feel that most behavior modifications can be done easily but with time and through love and consistent reinforcement. As she did not live with small children, (2 daughters 16-19). Based on that we feel she would need to meet kids, especially active ones, slowly, but here again we see no issues with the dog and kids.
Eska came in today and is now in doggy boot camp (10/9/2014) so if you want to meet this girl after she completes her course, please call asap. 941 575 0243.

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