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UPDATE WE HAD A FAMILY COMING THURSDAY TO ADOPT BRUCE BUT THEY DECIDED NOT TO COME SO BRUCE IS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Bruce was adopted by our trainer to become the new pack leader. We are thrilled because we can see Bruce whenever we want and he will stay in our extended family. Bruce was an owner turn in in Collier County. He is a 90 pound all black male GSD. He is clever, somewhat head strong and an alpha personality. He NEEDS A STRONG PACK LEADER. He is trained and dog friendly but he does have a high prey drive for cats and he is also high energy. He has not hurt a cat but we do not want to re-home him to anyone with cats or small animals. He is great with all dogs, kids, people and has no hang ups besides his high prey drive. He was neutered and chipped and given his final shots. We do have him in a foster home and he is being well cared for but that did not work out because 2 dogs was just too much for the owners. He is housebroken but did have a few accidents, so anyone getting him must crate him until they know his signs to go out. He is trained and extremely SMART and loving. He does need to be placed into basic training because he will need to know his alpha person in order to be as responsive and obedient as possible. He is a very active dog and has had NO DISCIPLINE and requires strict monitoring before he gets any house privileges. He responds to over 10 commands and is totally an engaged dog capable of most anything. He currently lives with 1 golden, but he did also live with 2 little dogs and an older collie... and he did just fine with everyone. He is not at all dog aggressive and loves people, being petted, couch cuddles and attention but he needs a family with a high tolerance for activity as he is an active dog in need of a task. His base of learning is quite advanced and teaching him to respond to a new owner will be rather easy and fun. Bruce is a big boy and although calm, he needs a handler who will be his alpha and demand his attention. As any 3 year old he is eager to play and to do 'whatever' so channeling his focus will be the job of the new owner. He is house broken but if left alone we suggest he be crated because he did chew on some furniture when left alone in the foster home, therefore to avoid a problem situation, we recommend crating him to avoid any destructive tendency because of not being stimulated or having a job. He is a working dog. He is crate trained but at times does not want to be crated. Since he listens well we are able to get him in the crate but not without being stern. If Bruce is of interest to you and your family and you are a strong leader, please call us asap to arrange a meeting. 941 575 0243. Remember if you live locally Punta Gorda to Naples, you will be expected to enter our training program immediately and pay for that at the time of adoption.

His foster Mom wrote:
Ok. He is an amazing dog. I'm very sorry to lose such a smart/ trained companion. Some lucky family is about to score with him.
I have him on merrick buffalo dog food. 2 cups twice a day.
He is easily tired out with a 1-2 mile walk.
He is crate trained. Loves baths and brushing.
He knows sit, stay, down, off, wait, has a great recall even off leash at the solo dog park, roll over, paw, kiss, leave it.

UPDATE: We do believe that since Bruce is a high energy dog that anyone getting him must have the time to train him and to supervise his activities so as to channel his energy into knowing the rules of the household he goes to. He is a truly good boy who needs discipline and structure, consistency and an alpha person to lead him. Otherwise without direction and a firm hand he will continue to be a bit of a wild child because his energy is such that he needs to do something and usually that something is not great and he has paid the price for being rambunctious. THIS IS A GREAT DOG AND HE JUST NEEDS DIRECTION AND A JOB.