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  • Sunday, September 28 2014 @ 05:06 pm UTC
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BELLA NEEDS A HOME AND FAMILY Bella is a super sweet, super stable female silver and black GSD. She will be spayed in a few weeks and she is totally healthy otherwise. She loves to play ball and is somewhat trained. She was abandoned and we are certain she is housebroken. Bella is very responsive and immediately seeks out attention. She is totally calm and comfortable with other dogs and people and would make a fabulous family dog. She is very calm and relaxed and is not bothered by most any distractions. Bella weighs 70 pounds and is not under or over weight. She appears to be under 2 years old and has what appear to be good hips. She is very pretty and soft and has great fur and markings. She has a faded saddle and a perfect muzzle. Bella is available immediately.