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UPDATE IT APPEARS THAT ARNY IS SPOKEN FOR. WE ARE EXPECTING HIS NEW FAMILY HERE TOMORROW! Arny was taken in as a street stray in Ft Myers. He is a super soft and sweet male GSD who will be shot up and neutered Monday of next week. He is almost white but is actually a bit creamy in color. He is a GSD but somewhat off color, great for spray painting or decorating. He is very gentle and takes treats so softly you don't even know he took it from you. He is somewhat trained and was probably housebroken by who ever dumped him. He knows sit and down and some hand signals. He has a few food oriented skin issues that will go away in a week or so with proper food and nutrition, otherwise he is just fine. His tail seems a bit short and that may have been a defect at birth because there was no trauma to it. He does walk well on a lead and he seeks out attention and loves to be petted. He is about 1.5 years max old and we is smaller in size weighing in at about 65 pounds. He will gain 15 pounds or so as he grows. He was never abused and is not at all hand shy. He seeks out attention readily from everyone and is dog friendly and totally calm. If you think Arny can make a good addition to your home and family just give us a call, (941 575 0243) as he will be here Monday 9/29/14 and ready for adoption.