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UPDATE We truly need the right family for this tremendous dog. If you are involved with search and rescue or tracking, this guy is a consummate pro. Major as you can see is a Malinois... not a German Shepherd. We have taken Major under our wing because he is a tremendous dog with everything to offer the right family. Major is a retired drug dog for the Sheriffs department He is 9 years old but you would never know that. He has the worth ethic of a 1 year old and enjoys basically anything you want to do with him. The issue since he is a Malinois is that he needs something to do most of the time. He wants to work, whether that work is tracking, playing ball, finding drugs or just running with you, he needs to be stimulated to do something for as much time as you have with him.
His ideal adopter is a family who is active. The best use of his skills and energy is someone who likes the sport of dog tracking. He is great at that and wants to please you as much as any dog you have ever met. He is fully trained, HW Negative, has all shots and will be neutered before you get him or shortly there after. He is a great listener, extremely perceptive and super intelligent. He knows his commands in both German and English and even though he was never a patrol dog, he will protect the home and family at all cost.
Major is house broken, not ever destructive, extremely obedient, responsive and exceptionally loyal. His handler has worked him for over 4 years time and currently he is an active working police officer. His retirement is coming up very soon (in weeks) and we need to find him a home where he can spend his days in a loving family. He is a soft dog who is able to adapt into any home.
If you are a former or even an active K9 handler he would fit right in to your home. If you like tracking or are in a tracking or search and rescue club, he would be the star performer or if you are just an active family who can deal with an active dog.... well this is the one I'd pick. Malinois are not foo foo dogs. They require a handling skill that is at the top of the scale as compared to GSD's or other active working breeds. The difference here is that he is already trained, has a clear and engaging presence, has all of the drive and energy of a puppy and he loves people and kids. He lived with a 9 year old girl and has visited schools and malls, homes and parks for his whole life. He was working until recently and needs to be take to a socialized training class so he can re-acquaint himself with dog parks and the like.
If you think Major would be the right dog for you, please call us asap. 941 575 0243