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Written by the dog himself: "Hi, I'm ALDO. I was found in Punta Gorda roaming the street and in pretty bad shape. I want very much to be a part of a family and I know I will make a great dog." You can see by his plea that he wants to be re-homed asap. Please read on:

Aldo was classified as a street stray and picked up by animal control. He is about 1 year old and during his short life he has experienced the worst part of mankind. He has been starved, neglected and left for dead. He was never beaten but with regard to everything else he has seen it all. He is an active dog who seeks out attention and just still has love to give in spite of his stressful and painful life thus far. He weighs in at about 60 pounds which is 20 pounds under weight. He has been in foster for 6 weeks and he is healing very well. he is super social and loving and is great with people and dogs. The foster parent cannot keep him because her landlord dislikes dogs. Aldo has a super disposition and calm temperament making his great for any family especially one with kids. He is easily trained and eager to learn. He is responsive to praise and treats and willingly lets everyone into his heart. He did have a broken leg at one point which healed so he has a knot on his ankle. This does not in any way present a problem for him in walking, running or jumping, but knowing it is there is important. He is HW negative and very underweight and yet healthy otherwise. He has bad skin which is now healing well. This condition is easily cured by a course of meds and good food. He will be neutered when he is healthy enough but not for a month or two; so anyone adopting him will need to bring him back to us for that surgery.
This is one great family dog. Forget cosmetics, because that is so radically unimportant when it comes to these dogs. He will become exquisite when he fills out and gets his fur back. I have one just like him who has come back beyond any level I thought he would. This is a great dog and if you are interested in helping him call me right away.