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CACIA PRONOUNCED KATCHA NEEDS A HOME Cacia has been in a loving home now for a few years time. She is a real mothering female GSD as she raised a blind puppy to adulthood years after she was spayed. She is a loving dog with people, kids and dogs and will make a tremendous addition to any home. She is trained, housebroken and obedient besides being beautiful and in excellent health. She is HW negative and she has been cared for by two loving people.
The reason she is being relinquished is that she has some anxiety toward thunder and firecrackers, any loud noise upsets her and she become very anxious. She just wants to escape but has no place to go. Her high anxiety is an issue and the owner is unable to deal with this condition due to health reasons. This is the only reason for her being re-homed. Otherwise this is a perfect dog for any family.
The family has tried many of the conventional remedies to stop her anxiousness but without success. There may be remedies out there to help and we believe that with the proper techniques, desensitizing her can be accomplished. This is a really great dog otherwise and we want her in a home asap.
Cacia is about 6 years old and in excellent overall health. She is playful and totally suitable for a family with kids or an elderly person living in the home. If you think you would like to meet Cacia, please call us asap as we want her to get into her new home quickly.