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  • Sunday, July 06 2014 @ 05:06 pm UTC
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Unfortunately beautiful Bert pass away. She was truly loved by her foster parents and she will be missed. Rest In Peace Bert as we will all see one another again over the Rainbow Bridge. Yesterday a nice young lady came to me with a difficult situation. She took a dog that a friend was going to put down in the hopes that someone could help this dog out.
The dog, named Bert, is a female spayed long haired black Belgium Shepherd. She is reported to be 13 years of age, which means she is toward the end of her life. She is a bit deaf, but loves people, cats, birds and life in general. She is housebroken and totally calm. She has the beginnings of myolopathy which is a disease that kills the nerves in her tail for starters and goes progressively up her back to her hind legs etc... it's not good and it always means that there isn't much hope. This dog otherwise is so sweet and gentle that the woman asked me to see if I could help find a placement. The dog is currently with her at her home and not with us. Not having possession of the dog is what we asked for because it is not our place to make decisions about her. Diane and I have agreed to put her up here on the net in the hope that someone may wish to care for Bert for the last year or so if her life. She is a really loving dog and one that can be a companion of someone also not able to to be active. If you can help please be so kind as to call us. There is no cost for the dog but if it is in your heart to help, we would be happy to turn her over to you.