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  • Sunday, June 22 2014 @ 08:57 pm UTC
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CHIEF NEEDS A HOME We received Chief in today, 6/22/14. He is a one year old male, silver and black GSD. He is neutered and pretty well trained in basic obedience. He is one smart dog! He is also a handsome dog weighing in at about 80 pounds and is in excellent health. He was turned into us because he is extremely possessive of his home and family and his current owners were concerned that with their elderly parents in the home it was an accident waiting to happen. He also has some issues with people he first meets, but once he is introduced he is great. He was a dog that was loved and never abused in any way.
Chief would be suited for a home with other dogs as he is not at all aggressive to animals. He can seem to be aggressive to strangers in his home yet is pretty good outside. Once properly introduced he is fine. He seems to like women better than men on first meetings. He needs a proper introduction with anyone he meets and therefore would not be good in any home with small kids or grandchildren or the elderly. He loves to play ball and to exercise. He is extremely smart and loving and is a tremendously loyal and loving animal. His is crate trained and obedience trained. His recall is excellent, he loves to play ball and to interact with his family. He has issues in the home when people come over until he is properly introduced, making him a challenge to be placed.
We recommend that a potential adopters be aware of these issues and be committed to behavioral training. These tendencies can be modified with the right home and training, but it will take some time and the family must be committed to helping him through these times. At 1 year old, Chief can become a super friendly dog, but the dedication to this must be there in the adopter from the get go.
It is our recommendation that the adopter be a small family unit with training experience and no kids. We feel that knowing that he is a protective dog going in will help focus the required behavioral modifications necessary by the adopter to turn him around.