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  • Friday, June 20 2014 @ 01:56 am UTC
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HANDSOME TACO HAS A NEW FAMILY We just returned this evening 6/19/14 with Mr Taco. He was in a case of abuse and neglect by some morons and we were lucky (or at least he was) that our paths crossed. He had been penned up and neglected for literally years and now he is free to live a quality life.
Taco is seen with a few bandages on his legs. He was cut up by razor wire and had to be stitched up. Throughout his ordeal he remained calm and loving. His temperament is that of a Saint, having gone through what he went through and still able to love people. He is a sweet dog and untrained. He is also not housebroken (we think) but that is a far easier thing to do with a mature dog than a puppy. He is Heart Worm POSITIVE and we will treat him at no cost at our clinic for anyone who adopts him. He is crate trained and loves to ride in the car. He is friendly to humans and completely disinterested in animals. He had no reaction to every (dog) we walked him by. He is untested with cats. He is a 71 pound neutered black and tan male GSD with a beautiful head, defined saddle and great fur. He is about 10 pounds underweight for his frame. He has good hips and once his leg wounds heals, he will be in excellent shape. He was never beaten nor is he in any way hand shy, but he was severely neglected emotionally. He will need lots of TLC and affection to come around, but from what i saw he is well on his way. He is happy to be with us and he is content and confident. He walks with his tail high and in great spirits knowing he is out of the situation he was in. He would make a great family pet. He was in a home with kids from what we understand. He has all his shots and he is chipped and neutered. Taco can be seen immediately and we want him to go only to a home that will provide him training, lots of affection and a calm loving environment.