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PLEASE, WON'T SOME OLDER DOGLESS COUPLE LOOK AT THIS GREAT GIRL...... ADOPTION PENDING Lily is a super affectionate and even somewhat needy black and tan female GSD. SHE NEEDS SOCIALIZATION TRAINING AND IS REACTIVE WITH OTHER DOGS. Today 5/6/15 Lilly spent 2 hours at the mall and Petsmart. She was simply terriffic. She gave 50 people her belly and got rubs from 50 more. She was delightful with other dogs and was the hit of the day. Once she is properly introduced however she is fine. She did go through our first class this past Sunday and by the end was walking with 5 dogs and happy as a lark... proving that she can be retrained easily with time and a proper handler.

She weighs in at about 85 pounds and is a beautiful girl with soft fur and one flopped ear. She is just five years old and in perfect health. She loves human contact and was originally placed by us into a home with no other dogs and she was terrific for this past year. She is not destructive and housebroken, obedient and responsive and affectionate to a fault! The first owner turned her back because he brought someone into the home who is allergic to pet dander and for heath reasons cannot keep her. Her second home proved very good but the owner has a medical condition that requires long term hospitalization and therefore has to re-home her again. These were through NO fault of hers as she is a sweet dog.

Both owners loved her very much but were forced by circumstances to have her rehomed asap. She does not like sharing attention and wants to be the queen bee. With training Lilly can be a social butterfly, so anyone taking her must attend a socialized training course to help her adapt to other dogs who could possibly be introduced into her household. She is fine with dogs on the street and in parks. . Lily originally came out of a household with 3 GSD's and basically was the third wheel. She was the second of two females and that was the problem that made her be given up last year. It was, according to the first owner, like having two wives and both want to be in charge. Lily is in good health, active and engaged, people and kid loving, spayed, trained, housebroken and knows most commands. She loves people and will definitely do better with a strong leader, male or female to keep her in check. She does like women best or so we have heard. She will need training because she will need to bond and training is the best method to do that with a new owner. She bonds quickly and is velcro when you meet her and gives you her belly after 15 seconds. She was somewhat starved for attention because she was one of three and got 1/3 of the attention she wanted. She walks well on a lead, like car rides and is all around a sweet heart. If Lily fits this profile WITH NO OTHER ANIMALS IN THE HOME then Lily would made a great pet. Lily is at our kennel in North ft Myers and will remain there until we find a placement. If you want a great companion dog please consider Lilly!