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  • Sunday, June 08 2014 @ 02:43 pm UTC
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WE EXPECT YOU TO HONOR OUR RULES I was quite upset yesterday 6/7/14 when I received a call from Animal Control telling me that one of our dogs was picked up and brought to the shelter. Obviously my six were in the living room, so it had to be a rescue. The dog was chipped, but the adopter had NEVER REGISTERED THE CHIP SO IT CAME BACK TO ME. We discovered that he dog was re-homed, by the original adopter, without our permission or knowledge, and that it was then left out on the street by the new owner. I immediately wen to the shelter and recovered the dog as is our right. We did immediately re-home the dog to a great stable family. To say we were shocked at the callousness of the adopter to just re-home the dog without so much as a call to us, even after they signed our contract specifically stating that "if the dog didn't work out, he was to be returned to us" pissed me off no end. We commit to these dogs for life and we will ALWAYS TAKE ANY DOG BACK THAT DOESN'T WORK OUT FOR ANY REASON..... I hope this never happens again.