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HILDI HAS BEEN FOSTERED FOR ADOPTION I was at the shelter this afternoon on a transport mission when I was told to check out this little girl. She was pretty funky in the run but I could tell she was a sweetheart. We went to the dog yard together and she pranced and jumped for joy... I'm free she seemed to say. Her name is Hilda, but i like Hildi. She is a smaller size 50# black and tan female GSD. She loves everybody. I took her to Pet Supermarket where she met some birds, cats and a ferret and she liked them all. At the shelter she was introduced to a few large and a few small dogs and she was perfect. Hildi has had almost no training and we are unsure if she is housebroken. Training is essential and you will be required to sign up for training upon adoption. Hildi is in good shape and not underweight. She will never be a big girl but will remain about 65# mas throughout her life. She is 1 year old and seems to be an active dog. She is really inquisitive now that she is free but we will not know if she settles down until a few weeks go by. Hildi is also Heart Worm Positive and will be treated by us for that during the next 2 months. After treatment she must remain calm for 4 weeks minimum (no running or heavy panting) so as to get rid of all the worms without hurting her.
Hildi loved to get into the truck and liked to ride. She bonded with me in 10 minutes and was won over by a few belly rubs, no treats but attention and hands on affection.
This girl will go by the weekend so if you want to met her please call me asap.