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THERE WAS A SILVER LINING TO THIS DOGGY TAIL... WE WERE ABLE TO LOCATE HIS RIGHTFUL OWNER AND RETURN SKYLAR TO HIM. THIS WAS ONE CASE WHERE THE CHIP HE INSTALLED IN THE DOG SAVE THE DOGS LIFE WITH HIS OWNER. We got Skylar in this afternoon. He was found wandering on a busy 4 lane road and was taken in by a sweet family. He is a Belgium Malinois and about 1 year old. Malinois's are known to be super smart and to have never ending energy. They are the dog of choice in the military and in many ;police patrol dogs. They can be fierce if trained like that or super sweet like Sky is. Sky is not at all dog reactive and seems to like cats. He was exposed to cats this morning and had zero reaction. Of course if you own a cat I would do any introduction slowly.
Sky seems to like to communicate. He will bark for your attention but he is very responsive to direction. When he has to go out he snaps his jaw like he is having a conversation and then will go out. He loves to ride and to walk on a leash. He is, or seems to be, trained and we do know he is housebroken. He knows all the basic command like sit, stay, down, come heal and from what we have seen, learned his new name in an hour. He has always been a house pet from what we can see, but from we can also see is that he was neglected as his toe nails are quite long. He is not at all under weight and we have not yet tested him for heart worm nor have we given him his shots. All of that will happen Tuesday. He is neutered and in seemingly great health and condition. He runs like the wind and has a tremendous gate.
He weighs in at about 65 pounds, no more and we think he is about a year old and will gain about 15-20 pounds as he matures. They grow for 2 years at least and he has a lot of growing to do. He has a standard black face and a standard Malinois body in tan with beautiful erect ears.
If you think Sky wold be a great companion for you and your family and you are ACTIVE, YOUNG, FULL OF ENERGY YOURSELF AND WILLING TO WORK AND TRAIN THIS DOG, then he is a great dog for you. He is NOT a couch potato and would not be suitable for a stay at home family. He wants to do stuff and he will only be content if you are running, playing biking and training him OTHERWISE HE WILL GO STUR-CRAZY. We do have a family coming to see him on Sunday, but please call us asap because nothing ever works out perfectly as planned and we are always looking for fall back plans.