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OUR POLICIES ON ADOPTION IN A NUTSHELL We get a great many calls each week on dogs that are found and dogs that their owners do not wish to keep. Many owners are truly responsible people who wish to turn their pooch into our rescue, knowing he or she will receive excellent care and a quality home. Many owners seem honest and forthcoming with the facts about the dog and their desire to have it get a good home. Our major issue is that only 40% of these people ever act responsibly and bring their dog in for an evaluation and surrender!
It never seems like any of the people I speak with are disingenuous with their narrative about the dog, or about their reasons for surrender or their desire to come. Unfortunately a great many of them do not respect us, our work or our time and just don't follow up or show up for their appointments.
I does make me mad that after I spend valuable time in reviewing our policy on taking a dog that many agree and then are gone...
To make it simple:
1. We will take only good temperament dogs.
2. We do not care what the dog looks like to accept or adopt him or her.
3. We charge $250 for an un-neutered dog and $150 for a neutered males or female. All funds go to AWL
4. We typically evaluate each case based on age and characteristics of the dog but never on cosmetics.
5. We will typically pay for heart worm treatments and provide all shots, neuter and chip all dogs in our care.
6. We expect the party turning in the dog to transport him here with all medical records, any crates or food or possessions of the dog and a truthful statement about the dog and why they are turning it in.
7. We do not take money for what we do, all proceeds from in-take or adoptions go the the AWL which is a 501C3 and receipts are given by them to the person.
8. We require local owners to pay for and take training with us.
9. We will check references of potential adopters and reserve the right to DENY ADOPTION TO ANYONE WE CHOOSE FOR ANY REASON.
10 We will always accept the return of a dog we adopt out for any reason.
11. We will always be honest and disclose any and all information we know about any animal in our care prior to any adoption... and we expect the same consideration for those turning in a dog.

The bottom line here is that we love these dogs and we will do what ever we can to find them loving and caring homes. Please respect what we do and if you commit to see us for an evaluation or an interview for adoption, please show up or call if you can't make it so we can re-schedule. If we commit time to you and you are an NO_SHOW we lose that time to save a dog with someone else. Basic courtesy is all we ask.
Thank you to all the great people who visit our site, get dogs from us to work with us to rescue them.