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UPDATE We are awaiting confirmation from a family who may be taking him. I met the family and it was a match so Stewart will be going home Monday... Whoopie Puppy Steward is a 65 pound 9 month old black and tan neutered GSD. He is a ball of fun and has captured the shelter staffs heart. He is going to be available next week but for now is spending the weekend in the shelter. He was found as a street stray and was truly unhappy in his kennel at the shelter. Steward loves to romp and play. he has a high play drive and will make a family a perfect pet. He seems to be dog friendly but further eval needs to be done. Right now he is a typical shep pup who just wants to play and have fun. He is probably not housebroken, but probably lived with a family until he was discarded. He is HW Negative and has good hips and great erect ears. He is untrained and will require at least 2 6 week classes for any family adopting him. If you are interested in this great dog give us a call to get your interview in and to lay claim to this great dog.