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Nero is a neutered male GSD.

Nero just left our home after his evaluation. He is a 70 pound, mostly black, black and tan GSD. He is a real puppy with lots of energy, lots of love to give and a great positive disposition. He needs training as he is still a bit mouthy but in my opinion he is a super dog with a great heart. he lives with a cat and dog, goes to the dog part regularly and loves people. The reason he is being relinquished is that they just do not have the time for him. A puppy is a lot or work and training and play takes a great deal of time that this working couple doesn't have.

His story as written by his current owners is below:

Nero is a warm, loving German Shepherd who we adopted from animal shelter in Fort Myers this past December. We were informed that we were the third owners, that he had escaped from his first home and was adopted by a family. They were interested in breeding him only to find out that he had been fixed. They brought him back and that is when we adopted him.

Nero is a very energetic puppy who enjoys being around other animals and interacting with people. We have taken him on many walks around the neighborhood and he has never shown aggression towards people or other animals. We have taken him to the dog park and he interacts very well with all of the animals. We have a Beagle Mix and a cat in our home and they have grown to be very friendly. Occasionally Nero will bark at the cat, not aggressive, more playful.

As is the case with most German Shepherd puppies, Nero is a "nipper". We have worked with him to try to curb the behavior and have had some success. I am sure if someone spends the time with him, this behavior will subside. Nero is for the most part, house broken although on occasion he still has accidents. We keep him crated when we are not home and at night. He has adapted to the crate very well.

Nero needs a lot of attention. He has a lot of energy and needs someone to spend the time with him that he deserves. I work during the day and my wife is involved in many activities. We also travel quite often. We have realized that Nero deserves a better home, where he will have the attention he needs. We will miss Nero very much.