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ERIK AND DIANE HOFFER PRESENT A GIFT TO GOLISANO CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AT KINGSWAY COUNTRY CLUB If you are interested in participating in a fund raising drive for the Golasino Children's hospital at the Kingsway country club in North Port call Erik at 941 5575 0243 for a ticket. Tickets are free but if you go remember it is a fund raiser!
Erik will be presenting and reviewing what the Hoffer Foundation does and what are contributions have been to the AWL and other local charities over these past years.

The Charlotte reception, hosted by Dr. David Klein and Dr. Mark Asperilla, is an event that serves to discover and cultivate community members by having them learn more about the Golisano Children’s Hospital, the campaign and the Charlotte pediatric specialty clinic. There will be over 400 invitations to be sent to local physicians, government officials, prospects and community leaders. Room capacity is 160. We can cancel event up to 72 hours prior at no charge to us. No deposit is required since Dr. Klein is our host.

Light refreshments and beverages will be provided at the event.

The attire for the event is business casual. 55 Guests said they plan to attend

Location Kingsway Country Club

5:30 to 6:00 Guests will arrive and be asked to help themselves to food and beverages. Architectural renderings of Golisano Children’s Hospital will be on display in the room, and brochures on LMHS services available for guests to take.

6:00 Dr. David Klein takes to the podium and welcomes guests and recognizing special guests and VIP’s (names below). He speaks briefly about community need for pediatric specialty clinic, and for a children’s hospital in SW Florida. He thanks guests for attending, and introduces Golisano Children’s Hospital Chief Administrative Officer, Kathy Bridge-Liles.

Kathy speaks about the need for new hospital, the regional reach of the children’s hospital, the services currently provided at the Charlotte clinic and the promise of expansion based on need, excitement about clinic, number of local residents served by clinic and/or hospital and the possible steps of future growth in Charlotte, plays flyover CD, and then introduces Chief Foundation Officer and VP Oncology Palliative Care Services, Sharon MacDonald.

Sharon speaks about history of the Children’s hospital and the history of the campaign. Sharon then announces the Hoffer’s 25K community challenge match to Golisano Children’s Hospital. She then introduces Erik and/or Diane Hoffer.

Erik and/or Diane Hoffer speak about their family foundation and the benefits that such foundations have on a community.

Sharon thanks guests and encourages them to stay and mingle, and to take advantage of this match.

People to be recognized by Dr. David Klein

Commissioner Stephen Deutsch, Commissioner Bill Truex
CEO of Fawcett Memorial Hospital Tom Rice