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BEAR NEEDS A NEW HOME Bear was originally adopted by us 3 years ago. He is a sweet dog, great looking and super with all people and kids. Bear needs some formal training on a leash and we recommend that be done immediately by Rusty Graham at our North Ft Myers training location.
Bear is a 4 year old Black and Tan neutered male GSD. He weighs in at about 105 pounds but he needs to loose 5-10 pounds through exercise. . He is crate trained and knows lots of basic commands. He is in perfect health except for one issue with urinary incontinence or better described as a potential for leakage. He basically just physically cannot hold his urine as well as he should. This may be physiologic and curable but when he has to go, he needs to go then and there. He has never had an accident in the house if he could tell the person to let him out. If you didn't know his whine or mistake the sign, you could have an accident but he has NEVER messed in the house to date. In the spirit of full disclosure we are telling potential adopters that this condition exists but is in no way a deal breaker. HE IS A GREAT HANDSOME DOG. He is definitely housebroken and warns you when he has to go. He can easily stay home for 2+ hours without pee'ing but that is about his limit. With frequent walks, or just staying outside during the day he is fine. With no water after 7:30, he is fine all night. This condition is totally manageable with frequent walks and or a doggy door. We do believe that it can also be treated medically, but the owner is no longer in a position to afford the treatment.
Bears family was recently devastated when his dad Dan passed away and his mom was left to handle both Bear and their home. She is now forced to sell the home and just cannot take her beloved Bear with her to a condo. His owner can no longer handle him for both physical and financial reasons and has to relinquish him.
Bear does not like ATV's and has an aversion to bikes because of the noise and because of an incident he probably had as a puppy. He needs to be desensitized to these distractions which is doable through training. His current mom just cannot deal with the rigors of training because of physical and health reasons. SHE LOVES THIS DOG A GREAT DEAL AND WANTS HIM TO BE IN A HOME THAT LOVES HIM AS MUCH AS SHE DOES.
Bear also currently lives with 2 small grand children and simply loves kids. He is super people friendly and likes passive dogs. He is untested with cats but he is not at all aggressive or reactive except to bikes and ATV's. We feel his issues stem from trying to protect his mom from these noisy vehicles. Bear is one of those dogs that with a little bit of work, can be a tremendous best friend.
If you think you have the right situation for this loving dog, please call us at 941 575 0243.