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  • Sunday, March 16 2014 @ 06:32 pm UTC
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REMINGTON HAS A NEW SPECIAL FAMILY TO CALL HIS OWN WITH 2 BROTHERS AND A SISTER We received Remington last evening 3/15. He is an un-neutered black and tan Gorgeous male GSD. He will be neutered 3/26 and will be available after that time. He IS PRETTY JUMPY and needs a handler that can get him under control. He needs IMMEDIATE TRAINING. He has all of his shots and he is housebroken and social, He is a bit of a wild child and needs to become more calm which we will do over these next few weeks. He likes cats and dogs and is comfortable with most everyone. He came out of a neglectful home and owner, who really didn't care for him or give him the love and attention he so desperately needed, which is why he came to us. As a 8 month old dog, the person getting him must enroll in 2 basic classes at the time of adoption. Remington is going to be a big boy, in excess of 95 pounds is is now 75#'s. He is both handsome and sharp, cleaver and energetic and drop dead good looking. Remington will stay with us for the next few weeks and we will learn more about him and his traits.... who knows he may even stay in our pack,..not really, but until we decide where he will go, he is staying put here until we put him up for adoption. You definitely want to get your applications in for him now. For now we are looking at a single dog household because we feel he needs to be the prime focus of attention. We also want a family that will be home with him for the most part such that he is not left home for hours on end.