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SHULTZE WAS ADOPTED LAST WEEK TO A GREAT LADY WHO HAD GOTTEN ANOTHER DOG FROM US NAMED TRUMAN SCHULTZ is in need of a new home and family. He is a neutered, seven year old black and tan GSD weighing in at 90 pounds. He was adopted out 8 weeks or so ago to a family with 2 young children. He has been a great dog for them and had a real affinity to the husband. The wife truly wished that he would have bonded with her as she wanted a dog to protect her and her kids while dad worked late hours. Schultz was all of that. He is an alert dog but regarded the wife and kids as pack members and relied on the male as his alpha in the home. Because the dad was not home a great deal, Schultz wanted his complete attention when he was there and really disregarded the kids and mom's dominance when he was there. The family felt that the fit was just not there although the kids truly love him and the dad is distraught with the fact that they wish to re-home him. Schultz is a great dog. He needs training regarding leash walking as he was never taught street manners. UPDATE I HAD HIM HERE TODAY AT THE HOUSE WITH MY 8 OTHER DOGS 7 SHEPS AND A GOLDEN. HE IS THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN. I TOOK HIM OUT FOR A FEW WALKS AND ALTHOUGH HE STILL PULLS A BIT HE JUST WANTS TO BE AS CLOSE TO YOU AS HE CAN. The training they have done in these 8 weeks has not addressed this behavior. Schultz is loving with the kids in every way. He is gentle and nurturing with them as they are about 8 and 6 years of age. He has done nothing to cause this re-homing at all but the perception of the mom and dad is that he is just not fitting the concept they had and wish to re-home him. As is our policy we have accepted him being returned to us for a second placement. Like in humans a divorce does not make either party bad but rather incompatible and yet suitable for another family.
Schultz needs a demonstrative owner or family that can put him in his place as a pack member and not as a decision maker. They need to be a strong minded and focused family that wants a great dog to live with, to love and to protect them. Schultz is a calm dog. He is not reactive, mean or in any way a problem child. He loves cats and all dogs. He was here in our home for a week or so prior to being adopted and now he has returned and he is just a pleasure to have around. He adapted to our pack, did what he was told, liked our dogs and cats but was not permitted to interact with our cats unsupervised to any great degree. He was however non reactive to them. He is housebroken, not at all destructive, healthy, well adjusted, social with people, kids and pets and loving and responsive. He is a great dog for an older or less active family or person because at almost 7 he is not your marathon runner. He is on 2 meds for his thyroid (so am I) which are no big deal. He has been well cared for in both homes. He was never mistreated nor was he ever left in a kennel, shelter or in any situation where kind people were never present. He is the kind of dog that can bring you companionship and love for many years. He is neutered, chipped, heart worm negative and housebroken and crate trained. He listens to verbal and non verbal commands and adapts well to any situation. He is calm and responds well to treats and direction and correction. The description below was the original outline we did when he first arrived here. If Schultz looks like a fit for your family, please call us asap at 941 575 0243.


Mr Schultz just arrived 2/20/14. He is a sweet calm 6.5 year old black and tan GSD. He is neutered, HW Neg and somewhat trained. He is house broken and likes his crate.
Shultz was surrendered because the owner(s) were being put into assisted living and one was terminally ill. Schultz was cared for and loved. He loves to have his bath, he likes people, he loves attention and he is calm. He especially likes his belly rubs. He is treat motivated and loves liver but he mostly loves just being cuddled and held. He has a playful side and is excited to see anyone willing to give him love. He knows a considerable amount of commands but never had any formal training. His shots are current and he is ready to go home immediately. SCHULTZ IS THE CALMEST DOG WE HAVE EVER HAD. He also like cats and they like him. Schultz weighs 105 and needs to lose 10 pounds. He needs to have his toenails cut professionally by a vet as they are long and he does have issues with cement or wood floors. He likes the grass in the dog park because he can get footing there. We have not seen him play ball but he likes his toys and interacting. Schultz was purchased by the owners at 8 weeks and they have had him since. He is getting his nails done Wednesday, so that problem will disappear. Schultz is the kind of dog that would work into any family.
If you think Mr Schultz can be a great addition to your home and family, please call us at 941 575 0243.