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SUCCESS... ASHA WAS ADOPTED OUT BY THE FAMILY ASHA came to us today for an evaluation. She is a 75# black and tan female GSD. She is spade and up to date on all shots. She is house broken and trained in the basics. Her story is sad but we believe that she is worth a second chance, but with the full knowledge and disclosure of why she is being re-homed.
Asha was adopted from a shelter in June of last year. She lived with a male GSD who was alpha to her and an old (14 years) Catahoola female. All three dogs bonded well and lived in harmony for 8 months. Just recently Asha was left alone (as was the norm) with the Catahoola and not the male dominate dog. They got into a fight and the Catahoola was killed. It may have been accidental or as a result of a fight but since no one was there we do not know who started it or what happened exactly, all that we do know is the result. These dogs had never fought before and were consistently left to themselves on a daily basis. No one was there to see the fight, nor does anyone have first hand information. She is still in her home with the family and the male GSD without any issue. They do love the dog but feel this is the best solution.
She is a seemingly calm dog. I met her and spent time with her today and saw no aggression, anger, fear or any other trait that seemed out of place. She is loving, seeks out human attention and is willing and focused on pleasing you. She did give me her tummy 10 times in the first 25 minutes and just wanted to be loved.
My heart goes out to the family and the dog and I feel that this dog should at least have a second chance at a good life.
The only families that will be considered are ones with NO OTHER PETS and a family that understand the history of the dog and accepts the responsibility of a dog with this in her past.
Remember that we believe in full disclosure so we have related the facts as we see and understand them however the dog is loving, people friendly and worth taking a look at, if you are considering a GSD and have a situation where you have no other pets in the household.