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HAPPY TO REPORT RICKY HAS BEEN SPOKEN FOR!!! Ricky came in last night from another shelter where he was shutting down and needed to get into a social setting. He was turned in by a family who no longer wanted him. Ricky is a red and black males neutered GSD who weighs 79 pounds and is in good overall health. He is A SPECIAL NEEDS DOG. Our definition of special needs is that he has some current issue that will requirement monitoring and treatment for the remainder of his life. Ricky is 7.5 years old, mentally engaged, loving and gentle. I would place him with any family and i believe he would be great with your grandchildren. When he was a puppy he had an elbow issue that was never treated and that caused his arthritis in his elbows today.
We have his x-rays which of course we will share. Ricky will also go for some minor surgery to remove a small (2") growth on his hip which seems innocuous and benign.
Ricky does have a distinct limp but does not seem to show any pain. He is stoic. Our vet believes he needs to be on high (maximum) dosages of glucosamine and Rhymadahl (or equivalent) every day. That can cost about $.70 per day to keep him pain free and happy.
Ricky can walk fine, he jumped into the truck today and handled the vet exam perfectly. He was and is a perfect gentleman.
Ricky is super dog and cat friendly. We have had him here with all of our boys and it was uneventful in all areas. He is housebroken and even though he is trained, he does not like to sit, because of his pain, and would rather lay down for rubs. He is Velcro and wants to be with you every minute. He walks well on a leash and responds to basic commands very well and quickly.
He was loved by his family and never abused. He is heart worm negative, up to date on all shots and chipped.
Ricky is one of those dogs that you just fall in love with at your first meeting. Because he is a special needs senior dog we are looking for a family with the financial ability to care for him and to love him. A family that is not active but wants a companion best friend dog to spend their days with. If you fit that bill, please call us at 941 575 0243. Ricky needs a loving home quickly.