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HENRY HAS A NEWHOME AND FAMILY We met Mr Henry today. He was found in Miami as a street stray and was taken in by two kind and caring individuals who already had 4 dogs. They took him to a vet and fond he did have a chip and they learned his name. When the people were called that denied they ever owned a dog and hence Henry was alone. They took him in on Christmas day and delivered him to us today. He is a real Christmas story!
Henry is an in-tact (non-neutered) male Silver and Black GSD. He is about 4.5 years old. He was underweight when they got him and did manage to put on a few pounds and the pictures below represent his present condition.
He weighs in now at about 77 pounds and is in great shape. He will be receiving his shots and 'snipping' next week but he is available now. Henry was in a household with 4 dogs and was very good with them. We do see that he has a prey drive so NO CATS and we recommend no really small foo foo dogs, because we are not sure of his reaction. He is just fine with other larger dogs. He is super friendly to people and craves attention. We do feel he is perfect with kids and he wants to please you as soon as he meets you. He wants as many belly rubs as he can get and will be a true Velcro dog. He knows sit, down, paw, stay and he is totally non destructive and housebroken. He was not crate trained but goes in willingly. He responds well to all verbal commands but seems to ignore his name. We do feel that the name registered initially on the chip was NOT the name he lived with and therefore although the name Henry is what we have, we would strongly suggest a name change. He is well groomed and polite as well as being social.
If you think Henry would fit into your life and household, give us a call at 941 575 0243.