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TESSIO NEEDS A NEW FOREVER HOME Tessio is a 5 year old male, neutered red and black GSD. He is in excellent health and condition. He is heart worm negative and was cared for and loved by his former owner. He was given up due to issues with him and the owner's wife. The owner felt that Tessio was far too dominant with her and the kids but he was never involved with any issue that put them in jeopardy. Tessio's aggression was limited to basic resource guarding and accepting dominance from a female, it never resulted in physical harm to anyone and he did live with small children for his entire life. His dominance seemed to manifest itself in resource guarding and mobility in pack position, rather than random focused aggression. We feel this is an important issue because with a male owner, our observation is that he is truly a pussycat. He was crate trained and obedient but we would prefer that he go to a strong male owner who has the time to work with him. He does like people and is a good candidate for dog parks or dog interaction. He is just fine with people in general. We did evaluate him at our home and he was fine with us. Our feeling is that when he joins a pack, his dominance seems to readily come out. We do believe that Tessio would be a great companion for a male owner with the time to be with him and to train him. We also believe that Tessio will require training in order to get him 100% under control. He is obedient and will accept a males dominance readily, so training is more to make him understand a proper pecking order.