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WE HAVE A NEW 2 YEAR OLD HANDSOME ENERGETIC MALE NAMED OLIVER, OLI FOR SHORT ARRIVED TODAY. Oliver came into rescue this afternoon. He is full of energy and wants to see and get pets from everyone. We do know he is 78 pounds of muscle. He is gorgeous and in great shape AND SUPER AFFECTIONATE. He is black and red with beautiful fur, saddle, muzzle, ears and a temperament to match. He really loves people and although he has no manners he is a soft dog. He will definitely need lots of TLC and training and be adopted by an alpha person wiling to put the proper amount of time into train him. They would have to up with a dog full of energy, curiosity and drive and provide the amount or exercise and companionship he needs to make him into the wonderful pet he can be. He is heart worm POS and will be treated in 3-4 weeks, by us at LDAS and after that treatment will have to be kept quite for 4-5 weeks. That is a major responsibility of the new adopter. he will make a full recovery and have a long life. f you think this tremendous boy is who you have been looking for, give us a call to set up an appointment. Remember we are closed 12/17 until 1/2 so use email to communicate with us and we can arrange an appointment to see him by the net.