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SWEET SAMANTHA NEEDS A NEW HOME We received Sam today. She was abandoned by a moron owner who skipped town after leaving her at a vets office. This is one super sweet dog. She is definitely a high energy dog with good drive in all areas. Samantha is a 1.5 year old, soon to be spade black and tan female GSD. She is HW Negative and in great physical shape. She is super dog friendly, housebroken, not destructive and all about play. She is well mannered after she calms down from seeing you and seeks out attention readily. She loves to play ball and to run around but has had limited training. She will come and sit but much beyond that she is lost. She loves people and I would place her in any home and any circumstance. She is healthy with a great coat, nice ears and saddle and she is what we refer to as a soft dog. She would require training immediately but that will be easy as she is responsive and eager to please you. If Samantha looks like your perfect girl, please call me for an interview at 941 575 0243