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THIS IS THE BRIEF STORY OF SARGE Sarge was found by a great lady and her daughter from Miami FL. They took him in as a stray the day before Thanksgiving. Sarge was lost and homeless but because he was so sweet and calm, she went block to block trying to find his owner. Like most dogs in that area, Sarge was dumped and after that fact sunk in, the family called us to help find this terrific dog a new forever home. Sarge was not in bad shape and was not in any real distress. He did bond quickly with these tremendous people but as they had multiple dogs themselves, they could not keep him. He was flea ridden but otherwise healthy. He arrived here today and was re-homed within the hour. We are happy to say that the adoption was again just the right family ....and Sarge and his new owners are both grateful for this great caring families sacrifice and concern. We have posted a photo here of the family that found him and his new forever family along with a face shot of Sarge.

Sarge is our 386th GSD whoopie