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AWL NEEDS YOUR HELP AT THE CHARLOTTE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING IN MURDOCK ON 7/23 AT 9AM The Charlotte County Commissioners are voting on the AWL Budget for the next 5 years. They need prodding because of their collective ineptitude and lack of understanding of the issues. The AWL performs a vital function in the County and one that should be funded by County Government. The AWL budget is about 1/3 of what Lee DAS charges Lee County for about the same amount of animals, so the deal Charlotte is getting is a major bargain. Please take a moment and email each county commissioner that you as a taxpayer want them to pass the AWL budget as written.
Here is a sample email:

Charlotte County
Murdock Circle
Pt. Charlotte, FL

Via e-mail:

Dear Commissioner:

As a citizen and tax-payer I want my voice heard. I urge you to approve the proposed contract with the Animal Welfare League. It is the best option for the animals and citizens of this county.

We are opposed to the homeless, stray and abandoned animals of Charlotte County being left on the streets or shipped to Desoto County for disposition.

With a more than 70% kill rate now, Desoto cannot handle animals from their own community. What will happen when their volume increases? How many Charlotte county residents will travel all that way to adopt an animal? You will be sending all these helpless animals to their death.

TNR, Trap Neuter and release) is an effort to save feral cats. It wasn’t created to give the county free reign to leave thousands of adoptable cats on the streets.

Give all these creatures a chance.

Again, I urge to do the right thing and vote “YES” to the Animal Welfare League contract proposal.


There email addresses are: