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BUSTER HAS A TREMENDOUS NEW HOME AND WE THANK RUSTY FROM SW K9 TRAINERS FOR HIS HELP IN FINDING BUSTER A NEW FAMILY Buster is a 65# male GSD. he is playful, obedient, likes dogs and kids and is an all around good boy.... with one caveat, he has separation anxiety and does not like being crated when no one is home. Buster plays well, loves to run and listens and obeys well to anyone providing direction and a command. From smaller children to adults to older folks Buster is responsive and willing to please. The first family we adopted him to was a single mom and her 9 year old daughter. They had him for 3 months and just loved him until the mom fell ill and had to surrender him. there were lots of tears but that was what was best for the family and the dog, so we re-homed him. Buster's second family was also comprised of a mom, dad and 9 year old boy. There were no real obedience issues but he showed signs of separation anxiety. At first the family spent all of their time with him but when the vacation period ended and they went back to work, he just could not cope with them being gone most of the day. Buster was returned to us this evening and is being settled for the night. Since we also had him for about 10 days prior to his first adoption we can ay first hand that we saw none of these traits but acknowledge that he surely has a problem now. This type of problem can be addressed and overcome but we are recommending that he go to a family where someone is home most of the time and that crating him and training him is essential for this to work out well.
Buster is housebroken, obedient, loving, gentle, willing to please, treat responsive and dog friendly. He did live with cats but we have limited hands on cat experience with him because he was here with our 4 cats for such a short period of time.
If you feel Buster can be your new best buddy and you HAVE THE TIME FOR HIM THAT HE NEEDS....Please call us at 941 575 0243.

Originally written around April 2013:
I just finished evaluating Thunder who we will now call Buster. He is a totally sweet young GSD. We guess his age at 2 years max now. He has already integrated into our pack and is totally non reactive with any of our dogs and both cats. He appears to be about 1+ year old. He is a black and tan Shepherd with mostly black on top and no defined saddle. He has one floppy ear, hence the name Buster! He weighs in at about 65 pounds but can gain 10 with no problem. He was found as a stray in Lee County. He has been neutered, given all shots and a chip and he is rar'in to get to his new home and to meet his new family. He immediately seeks out attention and gravitated to Diane in a minute.
Buster is a very calm dog. Even when Baxter and Ebo barked at him, he just said "whatever" and went on doing his thing. He is non reactive to other dogs and he is submissive with everyone. He makes friends in an instant with people and other dogs and cats. He has no cat aggression but we have not had him with cats one on one, only in front of his cage but as he has the ability to see and touch the cat, he was disinterested.
He is healthy and has reasonably good hips. He knows sit, stay, come and down and was very interested in showing me his skills. He is truly affectionate and came to me quickly. He does respond to Buster and he didn't respond to Thunder which is why we changed it You will notice in the photos his ears tend to flop but he has full control over them and they come up and down when he wants to raise and lower them. They are his ears! He walks very well on a leash and he seems to have been well treated. He is a good weight for his age and he seems to have been housebroken, but you have to assume he needs to know the rules where ever he goes. Whoever had him did care for him and his training and condition speak to that fact.
He is a dog that would be suitable for kids and would be able to be quickly trained.
If Buster fits you family profile, and you have the time for him, give us a call for a meet and greet.