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  • Monday, April 22 2013 @ 12:12 am UTC
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SARGE HAS A FOREVER HOME Sarge is a handsome 6.5 year old large male GSD. He is black and tan with a light black saddle... and built like a tank. He is extremely strong yet gentle. He does well with both large and small dogs and is affectionate to people after an introduction. His first greet is always fine but aloof, yet he warms up quickly. He s typical of the breed.
Sarge first came to us as an owner give up last December 2012. He was originally adopted from a shelter and resided with this first family for 6 years. In Dec 2012 that family was forced to relocate and could not take him. The transition was quite emotional as he is a tremendous dog, but what had to be, had to be. We got Sarge in for a day or so here at the house in December and we really did not have him here long. We met his next family and he was quickly adopted. Sarge never was mistreated or abused and has a great temperament and strong character. He has lived with his second family now for 5 months and the bond between his owner (s) and Sarge is extremely strong. The owner has been diagnosed as needing immediate shoulder surgery, which will prevent keep him from handling a dog for any reason for 6 months+. He truly loves Sarge and Sarge loves him, more than anything else in the world.

We brought Sarge in today meet a new family but we felt it was not a match and he did not go home. With all that is going on, the transition from old to new family, leaving his beloved owner, add in a super playful lab, new home, strangers (me) doing the intro... well it was too much for Sarge and we did not do the adoption.
It is our feeling that the family that gets him next needs to be a couple who can give him the time and attention he needs to sooth the transition and allow Sarge to heal from these multiple homes in 6 months time.
Sarge is neutered, heart worm negative, healthy, trained to a degree (he knows come, sit and shake), he alerts very well and with is size is truly gentle giant. His prior family had a small grandchild and a small dog, neither of which were an issue at all.
Sarge can use some training in so far as learning to bond to his new owner. He needs to be handled and trained softly as he responds well to a soft and gentle touch. Sarge is absolutely non destructive, house broken and extremely alert and intelligent. Sarge weighs about 105 but he is not at all fat, this is a muscular dog. He loves to ride in the car and will walk with you as far as you want to. He is a good eater and has been on IAMS for the past 6 months. Sarge is large and stands taller that most GSD's, but as you can see, his facial features and body type are strikingly gorgeous.
If you think Sarge may be right for your family, please give us a call. We do need to place him quickly because his owners surgery won't wait. THIS WAS POSTED 4/21/13
Give us a call at 941 575 0243 to set up an interview.