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  • Saturday, March 09 2013 @ 02:10 am UTC
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BEAUTIFUL KARA JUST GOT A FOREVER HOME Kara arrived today Friday 3/8/13 and is being fostered this evening. We do not know much about her, but here is what we do know. We feel she is a sweet black and tan GSD, weighing in at about 75#. She is not at all undeweight nor malnourihed. She was never mistreated and responds to love and soft talk very well. We think that she is about 1.5 years old maximum. She has had some, but not a great deal, of obedience training. She sits and comes on command, she likes her bath, is friendly to people and gentle with people she first meets. We think she is housebroken and definately lived with afamily before she was dumped in the Tampa Bay area. She was delivered to us today by courier after being found on the highway by animal control in Manatee. The person who found her just sad "here puppy" and this mudball came into her clean car and shook off. Obviously we gave her 2 baths when she got here. She was covered in fleas and was given a flea bath and both flea and deworming meds along with all shots but Rabis whichshe will receve Thusday. She was not chipped nor spade but that too will happn at AWL on Thursday of next week. She will have all shots and be spade and released by Friday 11AM for adoption. We do not feel she is right for a family with cats or small dogs as she seems overly inquisitive. We may be wrg but better safe than sorry. We do not see any issues with kids. She was tested at the original sheter with cats and dogs and did fine. It is our feeling that she is fine with larger dogs and quite frankly, most dogs if introdced properly. She alerts well and seems to be an excellent watch dog and protector. She definately needs socialization training and that would be a requirement of any adopter for her. That would be an immediate need!
If you feel that Kara can complete your household, please do not hesitate to call me right away because we want her in a home until Thursday rather than at the shelter as we cannot keep her here at our house as wehave lots of company. Please call 941 575 0243 if Kara is of interest