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KONEG IS GOING TOSTAY IN HIS HOME We just took Koneg in as a rescue. He was owned by a soldier who is now off at OCS. He was originally rescued 1.5 years ago in TX by that young man, but you would never know it by his accent.
I have been calling him Conehead, which he seems to like, not that the German Keoneg isn't cool, but he is a fun dog and likes the humor!
Koneg is a nice, calm full size male GSD. He does have some issues, now that we have gotten to know him where he is a bit protective when he is with Diane or me and we meet someone coming or going. He quickly warms up in under 10 seconds but he is stand-off-ish at first. He was with me in a store the other day and did remarkable well with people for 2 hourts.
He is black and tan with a full saddle and a mostly black head. He is all muscle and he is a truly handsome and confident boy. He has had some training but must be (as a condition of the adoption) enrolled in an obedience training class at the time of adoption. He is calm and does well with other dogs when introduced properly He simply loves Rudy and they have been playing in the yard now for 2 days. . We have no idea about cats at this time but my guy is that he does have a high play drive and cats would be out as far as i am concerned.
Koneg had been surrendered by his owner to his dad and subsequenty housed, for the last month, at a friends apartment. His friend had a 3 year old and Koneg did sleep with the baby every night. He is truly a sweet dog when you get to know him. We have been doing couch cuddles every night and he loves that closeness and affection. He does alert well and yet he is somewhat aloof at first meeting, as with most every GSD we encounter. He warms up quickly. He is skiddish with men at first, but after about 2 minutes and a good long sniff and a treat, he is just fine. He likes belly rubs and playing ball. He has a good gate and he is HW neg and has all shots. He was already neutered and chipped when he arrived here from Texas.
Koneg is about 3 years old. He is really playful and takes treats and even his HW meds very well and softly. He did meet Clancy, Rudy and Bud in the last hour and he did exrtremly well with them all. He is meeting Baxter, Sadie and Ebo while I am writing this. He was a bit ractive with Baxter, but so is baxter. They will be introduced off lead slowing in the next day or so. He is crate trained and totally housebroken. He is not at all prone to doing any damage and previously was not kept off furniture until he arrived at his last address. He was then not allowed up on the couch and respoded well and complied. He complies well with verbal instructions in both English and German, such as leave it or stop that, sitz, plotz, nine, here, blibe and he does hand signals pretty well too. His leash trained but walking leaves a lot to be desired. he got his first prong collar lesson today and responded well. Like all other aspects of dog ownership, behaviors can be fixed or learned with proper socialization training.
Koneg weighs in at 75#'s and he is the perfect weight for his size. He never missed a meal in his life! He seems to have good hips, soft eyes and fur, and from what we saw he seems in overall great condition. He just had a bath and he was groomed so he is squeeky clean.
If you think Koneg fits the profile of your perfect dog, please all us at 941 575 0243