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MARSHALL HAS FOUND A GREAT NEW FAMILY TO CALL HIS OWN Marshall Just left for his new home. he has 2 great sisters, one dog a big brother and a new mom and dad. he i=was truly happy and we were elated for his good fortune! And so goes doggy 6 for 2013

I just finished my evaluation of Marshall at the shelter. He is a smaller male, black and tan GSD weighing in at about 75#'s. He is about 2-3 years old based on his teeth. He is the same size as a normal female, as you can see by his photos. Marshall was found as a street stray and was picked up by animal control in Lee County. He probably had some formal obedience training but without knowing his name, getting him to comply with commands is more difficult until he trusts you or gets to know you as his alpha.
Now that he has been here 2 days I can say with certainty hat he is a great dog. he is totally calm and chilled. he knows it and comes to my voice very well. he likes the name Marshall!
He is super affectionate and does respond to love quickly. He likes to be petted and handled and does respond well to treats, takes his meds well and loves to go on walks. He walks very well on a leash and does not pull. He seems to have had some house training as he did not pee or poo in his run. He does want to pee on a plant or two, but we are training that out of him. He surely will have to take a refresher course on that when he is re-homed. He was neutered on Thursday 2/14/13 and he will underwent a small surgical procedure to remove a small fatty tumor on his back, the size of a golf ball. It turn out that the growth was a simple cist but it did have a significant presence under the skin and he has a 6 inch scar which is healing. it was NOT cancer and its removal was simple and uneventful. This was a benign growth and he is ad was in no pain with it. He is also Heart worm positive and will have to be treated on or about 4/1/13 at our expense, at the Lee county shelter, so we do recommend a local adoption to make it easy to get his treatment done.
Marshall is not at all dog reactive, quite the contrary, he is totally fine around barking dogs and showed no signs of stress or aggression with the 15 or so dogs he met nor our 6. We did evaluate him when he arrived here at the house and our assessment was right on....he is a pussycat. We do not have any idea about cats at this time as he really has not interacted with Milo. Marshall seems to like to play ball and has one in his mouth regularly; he also runs very well. We only spent 45 minutes together at the shelter, but from what I see, my assessment was perfect and he is a totally great dog for anyone, families or older folks, like me. He does respond to a soft voice and I feel he will be a great addition to any family with or without kids.
If you want a calm loving dog, Marshall is your guy. Please call us at 941 575 0243 for an appointment.