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LUCKY DOG IS LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND A TREMENDOUS NEW FAMILY AND NEW BROTHER We have had Lucky now for 3 weeks time. He is a handsome black and tan male GSD. he has the best disposition possible and has a 10 rating with us in every area. He has some training but is velcro to people and treat motivated, hence training him is a snap. He likes kids and greets everyone with a smile and a kiss.
He has been neutered and he was treated for heart worm. He must be kept calm for 3.5 more weeks, so anyone taking him must realize that and comply. He is crate trained but does have some separation anxiety if left for too long. He does not need a crate if there are no other dogs to play with.
He is of course up to date on all shots. He does run like a deer and comes immediately when called. He weighs in at 75 pounds but will weigh 85#'s when fully grown. He has a great saddle, super ears and kind eyes. He is about 14 months old ad was found without tags or a collar in northern FL and he has been here since then.
Most dogs that come here have an issue or two, all of which are trainable. Lucky is no exception. He does need to learn manners and will gladly eat your lunch off the table if given a chance. That is a problem when you stand taller than the table and can see what's on it and don't know better. Lucky did munch a piece of salmon today and liked it. He was duly scolded but with training he will learn that these behaviors are not acceptable.
Lucky does tolerate cats and is interested in them but totally calm around Milo. He loves to play and is learning to swim. He plays with everybody here but loves to romp with our Rudy who is also 1.5 years old. He plays well, never gets overly excited and stops when told to. He is truly a pleasure to be around. He loves to do couch cuddles, chair cuddles or cuddles and belly rubs wherever you are.
If Lucky fits your ideal dog, give us a call. We are going to make sure he goes to great loving home.

If you call after 1/27/13 we will only be able to get sporadic emails but no phone calls, until 2/9. Please be patient as he is going nowhere until we return.