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UPDATED 1/21/13 We took Ms Barbie in today 1/2/13. She was rescued from a family who could no longer care for her. She is a sweet, trained spayed female GSD. She knows NO, SIT,COME and she does go into her crate when told. She does have some agression issues that have come out in recent days. She definately needs an owner who can train her and we recommend no other dogs or animals in the household. We also do not recommend her for homes with young children.
She is black and tan with a defined saddle and weighs in at about 65 pounds. She is fully house broken, likes cats and lived with a few of them in her first home but here again we do believe that because she grew up with them that she acceptd them, and would have issues with a new cat. She has a tremendous appitite but is pretty slim. She takes treats a bit rough but that is a training issue. She seemed to like to play with other dogs but is truly an ALPHA female and wants to control play, hence I would stroungly suggest a single dog hoursehold. She is a real pleasure to have around with people.
Barbie was reactive to the sounds of fireworks, as are most dogs who have not been desensitized to these sounds. Barbie has all shots and she is HW Negative. She is 5 years old and she is as platyful and loving with people but needs a handler who is alpha and can manage a dog like her. She grew up in a family with 4 young children but because of her alpha traits, we do not want to re-home her with youngsters.
Barbie is crate trained and ready to go home with anyone who will love her and is willing to invest 6 moths of training in a social (multi dog) school setting. She loves treats and takes them softly. She is the type of dog who wins your heart in a moment and can adapt to most any household or family with the right people.
If Barbie appears to be the dog you have dreamed of, dont be shy... call us right away at 941 575 0243 Barbie is not here with us but in a foster home in North Port.