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BARNEY IS SPOKEN FOR AND WILL GO TO HIS NEW OME ON SATURDAY 1/5/13 Barney is a neutered 3 year old silver and black male GSD who was abandoned on Christmas day. He is a sweet dog that is totally lost. He has no idea where his owners are and mises them. He is very positively reactive to kindness and warms up to you in minutes ater meeting him. He is crate trained and apparantly housebroken. He is heart worm positive but we will be funding the treatment in Ft Myers. The treatments will begin by mid Jan. The treatment requires two shots on 2 successive days and four weeks of rest.
He has all shots and he is chipped. He will get a much needed combing and bath this weekend. He has long fur and needs periodic grooming or firmination as his undercoat is significant. Barney weighs in at about 80 pounds and he is not underweight. He is an active dog and likes to run around. He comes perfectly when called and learned his name in 1 hr. He has not shown us yet if he knows how to play ball or much of anything. He does come very well when called and we do believe he was a family pet. he does very well with other dogs and is not at all reactive with them. We have not tested him with cats but he had no reaction to our two. We are pretty sure he will be OK.
Barney is just as sweet and calm as can be and will be an EXCELLENT FAMILY DOG!!!!
If you think Barney can fill the void in your family and you would like to see him, please call us at 941 575 0243.