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HANDSOME BAZ WILL NOW BE SHADOW AND HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY We met Baz last year and re-homed him to a young family. Unfortunately Baz is just too much for them and they have decided to give him up.

As you can see, this is a spectacular looking dog. His story, like many others we get, was that his original family turned him in for health reasons. The father was quite ill and the mother could not take care of him.
He was well cared for physically and medically and he is in excellent health. He is a 95+ pound neutered black and tan GSD. He is 3.5 years old. His hips are great and he walks and runs well. He is an active but needy dog who wants to be with someone all of the time. He needs a family that has the time for him and can use up his energy. He needs a daily run, lots of play and he needs some training. The current family did get professional training help and Baz is great on a lead and listens well. He does need some off lead Shitzund type training and lots of exercise He likes other dogs and has a Shitzu as a companion now. Baz has had all shots and he is neutered.
He has no issues with small children and currently has a 1 year old and a 5 year old at home. He interacts with people and kids very well. He does not like being left at home alone and does exhibit separation anxiety. He needs reassurance training that the person will come back each time they leave. he also needs a proper crate and enough stimulation to get him focused rather than anxious. He was given no warning before he was just dropped off initially and now he has had the same issue with another home and family. He appeared to have had no formal obedience training when first turned in but has now been through training and is obedient and responsive an alpha in the home. He is sweet tempered and he is fine in a household with kids and multiple people and other dogs. He is dog and cat friendly and warms up to people quickly. He has NO aggression nor any hostility but he needs training. Of course he is house broken. He s gentle and takes treats so softly that you do not know they have left your hand when offering him cheese or bologna, both of which are his favorites.

Anyone getting him would definitely have to put him in some reasonable socialization obedience training. This would help both the dog and the owner to bond and would serve to assure him that he is being cared for. He does want and seeks out an alpha.
If you think you have it in your heart to love and care for this terrific dog, then call us. If we think you have what it takes then you will have the 'best of the best for a lifetime of companionship and love.