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THERE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST 'OUT THE DOOR' FOR OUR RESCUES I just finished an adoption of a beautiful silver and black 6 year old GSD named Cadence. He was our 67th dog this year... and we are not done yet! He was turned into us by a family who was moving and could not take him to their new home.
These adoptions, or should I say re-homings, are difficult for the people involved, the dog and at times even for the new owner. We go through boxes of tissues and see lots of sorrow mixed with joy, when we do re-homings. Most people who come to us for this purpose do so under extreme duress and usually under negative circumstances. Giving up your best friend is not easy, in fact I liken the experience to the trauma associated with the death of a family member. The pain we see owners go through is real and the anguish almost debilitating. As they pull out of the driveway I know they are crying inside and out, but I also know that they have some level of relief knowing that we did the best for them and their dog.
The relief they feel is not the loss of the dog, but rather the solice they have in knowing we placed thier pet in a quality home wherre the new owners will treat the dog with the same love, respect and care that they did. This and this alone makes for a positive experience out of what would otherwise be a disaster.
I want everyone to know that what Diane and I care about in doing what we do is the following:

1. We want the family giving up the dog to know the dog will be re-homed in a positive enviornemnt with people who will love him and bond with him.
2. We know that the dog will be well cared for, and after vetting the adopters, we also know they will love the pet as part of their famly.
3. We know how hard it is to give up a best friend but knowing that both the dog and new owner will care for the dog as they would have, if they could have, should make everyone view this as the best they could do under a crisis situation.

If you are considering turing in a dog to a shelter, please think twice. If the dog is a GSD and he or she is friendly with people and dogs, we want to offer help. If you call us we will explain all facets of the process and we will assure you that the adoption will be a positive experience. Our number is 941 575 0243.