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THE SAGA OR BEAUTRIFUL RANDY DOG 224 Randy came to us through the kindness of Sarah at the Manatee shelter. He is a super loving 8 year old male GSD with quite a lot of living to do. Sadly Randy was not in a good place after being dropped off by his owners. LUCKLY Sarah quickly realized what a terriffic boy he was and reach out for us to help rescue him. It is hard to adopt out an 8 year old dog, much less a 100+ pound GSD. Fortunatley we at SW FL GSD Rescue were able to find the perfect family for him. We notified Sarah and she asked a regional volunteer Deb to transport him to us. When I first saw him I was blown away by his temperament, beauty and demeanor which were all as good as it gets. My first thoughts were that "This loving dog is going make a family whole and provide the love both the dog and the family need."
When we received him he was full of hundreds of burrs and stickers which Deb and I removed. I had him vacinnated and I gave him a bath before his new family arrived.
The meeting was instant love and Randy has now left for his new home. We are elated to see him happy and in a safe and loving home. This is all due to the kindness of Sarah at the Manatee shelter for telling us about this great dog.