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HANDSOME SHANE HAS FOUND A FOREVER HOME WITH A GREAT YOUNG FAMILY We just finished evaluating Shane. He is a 6 year old neutered male GSD. Shane is black and tan with a perfect saddle and a stellar face and size. He weighs in at about 85 pounds and he is trim and in god shape. Shane is 6 years old and does have some arthritis issues, but absolutely nothing a little rymadahl can't fix. He is otherwise healthy and engaged. His temperament is soft and loving and he is responsive to affection but slightly aloof at first meeting. He warms up quickly. He likes dogs and has never had a 'live-in' cat so we would recommend that no cats be in the home. He absolutely loves small children and is calm around them.
Shane does love to play ball and he runs around with the ball in his mouth while chasing a second. He has been an inside-outside dog for 6 years. He like the freedome of being outside but comes in to eat, sleep and basically when he wants to or he is called. He was never crated but he is totally housebroken, non destructive and a perfect gentlemen. His training is limited but he walks well on or off the leash, comes when called, sits and stays and is not in need of any other 'pet skill we can see. We would recommend training as a bonding component of the adoption but for YOU not the dog.
The family that owns Shane has to relocate and cannot take him based on the rules of the association they are going to. He has been with them for his entire life and has never been abused or in any way neglected. He is a calm dog and does like other dogs both big and small.
If Shane fits you idea of a great pet, please call us at 941 575 0243.