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YOUNG LONG HAIR KING SHEPHERD NAMED KIMBO HAS FOUND A SPECIAL HOME We have a young (1 year old) long hair King Shepherd in foster care. His name is Kimbo. He is a basically sweet dog that is just unsure of jhimself and needs an alpha handler and trainer. He has had some obedience training but he needs a special owner who is TOTALLY FAMILIAR WITH GSD'S AND IS ABLE TO TRAIN AN ALPHA MALE DOG. This dog has had 3 owners. The first two were when he was a puppy and we know little about them. The last owner was a woman who was not comfortable with dominating this dog and therefore was unable to keep him. He did nip her for attention and out of disrespect. He has been in socialization training, where we had originally seen him and he was just fine. He showed no outward signs of dominance or agression to other dpgs or people at that venue, but reportedly did these things when home with his owner.
Given the choice of putting him down or finding a qualified owner handler, we decided to look for just the right person to take him.
He is about 70 pounds now but will definately be 95 pounds when full grown. He is a truly beautiful animal, with great markings. His photos will be up soon.
Do not be fooled by his beauty, he is a handfull to manage and needs someone who knows GSD's and is willing to put in the 6-8 months of training hours needed to turn him around. Our assessment is that he is totally salvageable in the right hands.
He has all shots, neutered, HW Neg and he has had some basic obedience.
If you feel you are qualified for a dog like this, please call us. We recommend no other dogs, no cats and no kids under 13 years of age.