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  • Thursday, November 15 2012 @ 01:18 pm UTC
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BEWARE OF ISSUES WITH TRIFEXIS We received this heads up from an owner and we want to pass it along to everyone. PLease make sure this drug is compatable with your pet before beginning a monthly dose!


Strongly encourage folks away from this drug combo, advise that people's pets are dying from this toxic combination.

Upon 2nd month dosing, labored breathing for full 2 hours after play, seizures, lethargic. Currently in the testing stages with Brant to see what damage has been done to his heart/lungs. Mfg. Has refunded the full purchase price and allocated $300.00 to the Vet to do further diagnostic tests, which I am suspicious of. Vet wants me to leave him with them for a few hours........... NOPE. I am filing a claim with FDA tomorrow and following up with the MFG, Elanco to see what tests they have advised my Vet to do.

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