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  • Saturday, November 10 2012 @ 08:30 pm UTC
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BEAUTIFUL MS KATHERINE FOUND A FOEVER HOME The first family to come and see Ms Katherine was smitten by her charms and decided to make her theirs. She wll and a new brother 9 year old Max and we wish this beautiful girl a great life with super people.

Katherine, yes thats her name, just arrived on 11/10. She was an Owner give up and spent only overnight in the shelter. She is currently not spade, but that will happen next week on Wed and she will be hopefully re-homed by Thursday.
Katherine is a 2 year old large female GSD. She is 95% black with some brown on her feet. She is very sweet but untrained. She does come when called but definately needs lots of training. She is probably housebroken, but we will know more about that in the days to come. She does come very well and she is anxious to please you. She walks OK on a leash and goes in her house willingly. She loves attention and craves human touch. She met our pack and cats and showed no agression at all. As far as we can see, her temperament is just great. She craves attention and received none with her former owner. She gives you her belly and just wants to be close to you when she meets someone. She had no real reaction to our cat Marvin Mouse but that has yet to be determined.
From what we know she is heart worm negative, has all of her shots and she is chiped. She was given up because the owner had no time for her and failed to train her or work with her in any way. She seems to crave attention which will make her easier to train. She is a large female weighing in at about 80 pounds. She can easily loose 10 pounds to be the proper weight for her frame. She seems totally healthy and engaged and likes people. If you ae iunterested in meeting Ms Katherine please give us a call!
As we learn more we will post it.