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HANDSOME MERLIN WILL BE GOING HOME NEXT WEDNESDAY,... WHOO WOO Merlin is a 10 month old neutered male GSD. He is a big boy at 85#''s now and at 2years old will surely be about 100#'s. He is HW negative and has all shots. He is housebroken but has had very little training in obedience or socialization. He does go to the dog park and he does interact fairly well with other dogs. He was raised with a cat but we suggest NO CATS. He likes to swim!
Merlin does know some basic commands but training is a requirement with this dog. We suggest at least basic obedience and then a second 6 weeks of novice. He needs to learn to be around other dogs and people and he needs to respond to his owner in a new setting. In order to build trust with this dog, you will need to put in a considerable amount of time to get him where he needs to be. Without training and reinforcing positive behaviors, you will have issues with this powerful and headstrong puppy. Once trained he will be a perfect pet. Remember he is still a puppy and strill very managable with the right owner.
He is not at all destructive and was not crate trained. This too is a must for a dog of this size and evergy. He likes to play ball and has a reasonable play drive. He came from a positive home and was never abused or mistreated, however he was also home trained and lacks the obedience skills he needs as a family member.
If Merlin looks like a winner in your play book, please call me at 941 575 0243.
Erik Hoffer