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BEAUTIFUL RED HEAD HAS NEW FAMILY AND A FOREVER HOME BEEBEE BURRITO WENT HOME TODAY and I can tell you that Rudy, her best friend was really depressed. Rudy and BeeBee grew very fond of one another and her leaving was really traumatic. We old Rudy that she has a new job and a new family and that he had to learn, as our other boys have, to suck it up and move on to the next best friend. We process so many dogs through our living room that a new playmate for our 6 is just around the corner. BeeBee went to a great young family. They fell in love with her at first sight at the Petco adoption event. We knew the bond there was strong and we were truly pleased to see how well things worked out. There were som disappointed families but this was the best placement for this great dog. She will have a tremendous life, all the love she can absorb and a new job to look after the family.

We just picked up BeeBee from the shelter. She was spade last week and she is available now!
BeeBee made the ride home with Diane and I and shared a burotto on the way. She is just the sweetest dog around. She likes cats and everyone ahe meets. She is engaged and we can see a quick learner. She knows come, she seems housebroken, and she is obedient and polite. She was introduced to our pack and she was accepted in uner 30 seconds. She loves her bath (she had 2 today) and she likes attention. We have not yet seen her play but she will before long.
BeeBee is a 2+/- YEAR OLD red and black female GSD weighing in at 60 pounds. She is not very big but has a beautiful head and face and unbelievablely beautiful fur. She has longer fur than normal so we can term her a semi long hair GSD, and has no defined saddle. She was recovered as a sray and won the hearts of the officers that found her. They felt strongly about this dog and asked we take her into rescue which we did... and are we happy we got her! Admittedly we knew nothing about her at first but after today we are sure this dog is a TEN.
She is HW Negatrive, chpped and she has all of her shots.
If you would like to meet this red headed beauty just give us a call and come see what a perfect temperament dog looks like!