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The girls came home today from the shelter. The two tremendous families we had awaiting thier arrival have chosen a dog each and so the story goes, number 196 and 197 have now found thier forever homes with loving people!


I first saw Dutchess and Lisa yesterday. They are in good health and will become beautiful German Shepherds. They are or appear to be sisters. they can and old be separated to two homes because they have bonded with one another. They were found on the road and according to Animal Control dug their way out of a yard., the owner failed to claim them and they became ours.  They have had no real training and we doubt that they are housebroken at this time.  They do seem to be crate trained. Thir temperament is terriffic. they accept people immediately and crave attention and love. they are both gentile and affectionate and will be easy to train in all areas.  They appear to be eight months old or so. They seem to have pretty good hips and on the right food will have georgous coats. They seem unphased by other dogs and non reactive when we tested them with other dogs. we have no clue about cats.

The girls need a strong trainer. these girls are NOT suited for a family that cannot spend the first year with tjem doing every type of training from socialization to obedience.  They need to be worked and they cannot be left alone without consistent attention and love. because they were abandoned and because they were not trained the new owner will need to dedicate themselves to bonding and training immediately. We will require that the new owner take a minimum of   courses with us or show us the receipt from a qualified school where they reside. Both have been spade and ae up to date on all shots.

If you think you are ready for a challenge and want to have the best dog ever, either one of these stellar pups can be yours.  Give us a call if you would like to meet the girls.